March 25, 2013 I Quit…I’m Back…

RHOC airs one week from today. Each season, I have a smorgasbord of feelings the week before Housewives airs: excitement, nervousness, anticipation, joy, apprehension, regret, relief, yes, no, hurry up, don’t air …all at once!

The number one question I am getting asked lately is why I am returning to RHOC after such a torturous year last year. I have to be honest…sometimes I wonder why too. So I really wanted to use my own blog as a form of therapy for me, to understand exactly why I did decide to return.

I signed up for the world of reality tv four years ago. I opened my life to for the world to see. I became an open book, with boogers and all to show. Fast forward to this year…year four. So much has happened: good, bad, funny and sad. Throughout these four years, I’ve had amazing moments documented, like my daughters birthday party; moments that were hilarious, like my Vegas makeup job; and moments that were embarrassing, like my sinus surgery. Yet, I have no regrets. I feel everything happens for a reason. It’s no secret that last year was one of the toughest years of my life. Watching the season play back, I felt abandoned, confused and blind-sided. In thirty-five years of living on this Earth I have never had women treat me that way. So at the end of the season, I was wrecked. I felt defeated. And I quit. I quit the show. And I was entirely content with my decision. I thought AT THAT TIME that is was the best decision for myself, and my family.

One month after I quit, Evolution (the production company) reached out to me and asked me to reconsider my decision. I realized at that moment I needed to re-think my decision. One thought that kept flashing in front of my eyes in bright neon was “Is this the message you want to send to your children? The message that it is ok to quit when times get tough?” I was disgusted at the thought of that! I won’t let my son skip soccer practice when he doesn’t feel up to going, yet I am quitting my career? No, I did not want to send that message to my children. I wanted my children to know that mommy wouldn’t allow other’s negativity to squash my dreams. Suddenly I got a fire in me. Suddenly I wanted to prove to myself that NOBODY would stand in my way.

This year I am so excited to see the new adventures we’ve experienced! I know there are many surprises to come, good, bad ugly and sad. One thing I know for sure is you will see the REAL relationship between Jim and I. He filmed a lot more this season and I am so grateful because we had some funny, happy, memorable moments. This year you will also see a different side of me. A stronger me.

So here I am, one week before the show airs and I am in that same state- the smorgasbord. All I know after writing this blog is that I am so thankful for one thing. God. He has been my constant. He is the one that gives me my strength. Thank you, Jesus.

19 thoughts on “March 25, 2013 I Quit…I’m Back…

  1. jessica

    Hold your head up. You be the person you want to be. Some things they say is so rude and I feel it stems from jealousy. You are a beautiful person inside and out.

  2. Gina New York


    Last year WAS torture, yes. And you came out of it stronger, and more clear headed because of it. Thank God that he gave you an avenue to see who you needed in your life and who you did not. I look forward to watching you with your husband and your family! THAT is the reason I will be watching this season of Orange County. God Bless!

  3. Gabrielle Guastella

    I havei Watched OC housewives from the beginning. I too was stunned at how these women treated you. Don’t get me wrong, you all have a lot more means than most and all seem to love your possessions, but for them to accuse you of the things that they are as well is bullying. I am a single mom, “OC Housewife” raising my daughter on my own. I have my own condo,, but I struggle with bills every month. In the end though, None of us is that different than the other and we should be supporting each other and building each other up instead of ripping eah other apart and making judgements about lifestyle, man choices and other things. I realize drama sells…but If tamra was really Vicki’s friend and thought this guy was after her money, she might gently send clues…but most importantly be there for her, so that if it was true, and Vicki found out, she would have a friend to fall back on, not a snarling little Miss I told you so. The only people who seem the least bit authentic, honestly are you and Gretchen…and Gretchen will be dumped by Tamra for something Someday. I guarantee it.

    So Good luck with everything, stay strong, and let your heart lead your way…

  4. Kate

    Thank god you are on the show! Tamra had a nose job, several boob jobs and tummy tuck, so for her to say you need to “be real” is making her look so stupid!! I have never seen such a hypocrite! She takes is,on to court for throwing a dog leash, then throws wine in Jeana’s eyes. She tells you to be a real person, yet she won’t admit to her tummy tuck in the media. She is the epitome of HYPOCRITE! Don’t let these women take you down they are jealous! You are better without Gretchen too!! She has been desperate for Tamra to like her since she started on the show! Focus on your family and faith! You are beautiful inside and out!!!

  5. sylvia

    Alexis…..stand tall, and dont let these nasty, unrully, so called “ladies” get to you. Being a believer myself…..does not give ANYONE (believer~non-believer) the right to mistreat me, humiliate me, etc….I will stand and defend myself, with class, and the authority of God. Don’t get confused, and think because you have declared yourself a “believer” that you have to bow to them, and be their “door mat”….NO SO!!! Defend yourself…stand tall, and pray before every segment is filmed.

    Above all….be faithful and loyal to God in all actions, even when defending yourself!!!!

    Good Bless you and yours~♥

    A loyal fan in Christ


  6. Cara

    My son learned a memory verse at sunday school (Kid Pak at Free Chapel)….. and I thought it would be appropriate to share…. If you eat, if you drink, if you do ANYTHING, give glory to God. I Cor 10:31.

    No matter what, in good times, in bad times, through any circumstance, let us give God the glory!! We don’t understand the plans he has for us, but you are where you are at for a reason… to learn, to grow, to be a witness…. and most importantly, giving God the glory due to Him!

    Be blessed!

  7. bev manecke

    I am so glad you decided to come back,I seen something different in you when you and Jim joined the cast season 5.I could tell by your action,your eyes, and the deep Luv you have for you and your family! I know last season might of been rough,But i think there are some HW that could not stand alone.Well you had Vicki towards the end.It shows you comming back and showing up to the reunion last season you are very strong and confident.Vicki and you got off on the wrong foot season 5.You were friends with Tamra then,I want her to be kinder like in the beginning,You and Heather never really seem to have a chance,Lydia seems like she will be a good addition.Gretchen and slade were never my favs in the beginning.She had no friends season 4 and then 5 you and Jim stood by them.I think what she did was not cool at all.Being the christians we are,We have to forgive,but we can choose to hang out with possitive people who lift us up.HW of OC seem to get mean when the relationship between Gretchen and Tamra got out of hand season 4.It is Bravo,I know they have to have alittle Drama! But i for one Luv when all of you get along and have some fun times! I think this will be a great season and i am so happy Jim is on more with you.I do think you need to have stroing friendships outside the show also!I will be rooting for you both,And even tho. i have never meet you i call you friend!I will write weekly on the bravo blog.I use the name Piperoni.God bless the Bellino family!!!

  8. Janelle white

    Why are you on the show, you said you were quitting. It is because you and Jim love the attention. So quit whining, or just leave the show. Quit acting like a victim.

  9. KC

    It was just as hard to watch all that happening to you last year. You really seem like a very sweet person, underneath it all. Maybe a little socially awkward, which I totally understand because I am that way, as well, sometimes. Ugh! The Costa Rica episode is on RIGHT NOW and I am infuriated with the way Tamra and all of them were treating you. It takes a lot of strength to come back after that kind of bullying, but I am so happy you are back because YOU were in the right and they were in the wrong. Especially with Tamra ringleading the whole thing! Every season, she sucks someone into her mean girl BFF bond which is all about making fun of someone else. That is how people like her thrive. Eventually, Gretchen is going to see her for what she is, too, if she hasn’t already. Someday, I hope she finds herself alone with no one to call and makes a change in her life for the better and finds out how GOOD it feels to be a good person and treat other people the way you’d want to be treated. Keep smiling and shining bright. The viewers know what’s going on. They can’t even EDIT Tamra to look like a kind person. I pray she learns you can still be funny without tearing down others. P.S. Considering most people aren’t privileged enough to take trips to Costa Rica, many people do not know exactly where it is for goodness sake! Ask Tamra where Kyrgyzstan is. Haha! In any case, I know some time elapses between the recent episodes so I’m sincerely praying you’re all getting along better and that it’s all come out in the wash. I’m also 35 and have had issues with women like this before. Prayers for you and your family. I’m glad to hear you sounding so positive. :)

  10. Nance E. Mercado

    Dear Alexis,
    I totally get why you decided to return, but when I saw previews of Tamra yelling at you to get out & go over to you’re chair…..I got sick!!! As a woman, a Christian woman seeing such hatred, so evil Tamra is. I would have refused to film anything that Tamra is hosting. You are on her playing field. I would not subject myself to that.
    I have watched this show since day one & I’m not sure I want to watch it anymore. The last two season’s have been full of hate & deceit.
    As a viewer I want to see clothes, fun places you go. Your new businesses, not hate!

    I’m not saying you, but Bravo shows these women going to church or saying s quick prayer. That doesn’t mean they are true believer’s or follower’s of Christ!
    God Bless You’re family!

  11. Kristen

    Hi Alexis,

    I am sorry that the woman on the show are behaving so negative and hateful. Stay strong and remember that God does not give you what you can’t handle. Keep your prayers going up and the blessings will continue to come down. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.


  12. Gail Yingling

    Who unpacks their house with an outfit like she had on??? Full red lips and all. Try a little less acting and looking made=up. I think insecurities is the main problem and the other women are no better than Alexis so get over it and relax instead of being so aware of the camera.

  13. Ina Ausborn

    Alexis- I hope you get this message… I felt compelled to try to contact you! As a successful beautiful business woman that occasionally checks in with the real magpies of OC, I am floored. You were exactly right to call out bullying, stand your ground and have an opinion. What mean spirited women who are obviously mal adjusted to anything other than narcissism. There are so many things wrong with their treatment of you, not to mention human beings , there aren’t enough hours in the day to address it. We all know controversy drives ratings but to use you as a punching bag for their bulljive is unacceptable! I applaud you taking the high road when they ALL stooped so low! I have 5 kids and am appalled at the play date these women put together!
    Bless your heart for giving them the time of day! Keep doing what you are doing and don’t let them steal your crown!!!

  14. Beth

    AMEN. Always stay true to yourself. God is with you, Even if others judge you, He will never. He’ll never leave you nor forsake you.

  15. Patti

    I’m so glad you’re back. I have gone through bullying and it’s not easy. We have to be strong. God says no weapon formed against you shall prosper. Keep that thought and know you are not just standing strong for yourself but for others out there like yourself in similar situations. God Bless..


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