February 26, 2013 OFF TO HAWAII!!

What child doesn’t dream to go to the Disney hotel in Hawaii? It was definitely one of our children’s most frequent requests! SO, in February, Jim and I finally gave into their wishes and spent 3 days of our week long Hawaii trip at the Aulani Disney hotel! It was one of the best weeks of my life…spending a full week with the kids and no agendas, bonding late at night in our hotel rooms, seeing perma-smiles on the kids faces,  and traveling the island of Oahu.


Waiting for the plane James wanted to have a competition to see who could spell “Supercalafragalisticexpialidocious?” I was impressed to say my baby boy only missed FIVE letters total! (I was even more secretly impressed that I only missed three being the over-achiever that I am!) What a way to start the trip! When we boarded the plane, I became a little nervous that the five hour flight may be too long since it was only the second flight my twins had taken. However, it went sooooo smoothly! The girls were absolute angels! I must admit, I came VERY prepared with DVD player, coloring books, mini puzzles, clay, snacks and of course, giant lollipops! I rotated toys and crafts with each of the kids and we had not one problem! But for all you moms out there, the giant lollipops are a must! It kept all the kids busy for 30 minutes and popped their ears for take-off!

When we first arrived to the Aulani, they greeted each of us with leis, fresh flower ones for us girls, and kukui nut leis for the boys! The resort was absolutely breathtaking with an ocean breeze coming through the disappearing doors of the hotel. It was only 7 minutes before we met Mickey Mouse, and another 10 minutes until we met Goofy!

Hawaii arrival

We spent the next three days swimming, splashing and greeting Disney characters! When I started dreaming about Minnie Mouse, I knew I had experienced enough Disney to last me throughout the year. Another bonus to the Aulani is Auntie’s Beach House. This is a home for the kids to go CRAZY and mom and dad can get a break! We signed all three up for Surfs Up with Chip and Dale and Jim and I enjoyed three lovely hours…alone! (It was much needed after 3 days of Goofy, Donald Duck and waterslides!!!)  The only downside to our stay there was the food. Jim and I consider ourselves ‘foodies’, so we were disappointed there wasn’t a meal that we would have rated 5-stars (or even 4-star for that matter). Thank goodness for Monkey Pod Restaurant across the street from the Aulani! They had amazing food and live music and we spent 80% of our meals dining with them!

On day four, we decided to leave the Aulani resort and experience Honolulu. We arrived at the Trump Hotel in Honolulu early on day four and again were greeted with fresh flower leis. Trump hotel is right off the ocean, yet also right amongst many busy shops and restaurants! We were so impressed with their hotel decor and hospitality! They put a Wi-station in the room for James, and stuffed animals for the girls! They brought the kids cake pops and coloring books once we arrived to the room! All of these little touches made our time at Trump SO memorable! We were swimming in their gorgeous, sleek pool within 30 minutes of arriving there, complete with mai-tais in hand for Jim and I!! (YES, four days on vacation with three children under six calls for a mai-tai once in a while!) For the rest of our vacation we went shopping in Honolulu, rented a car to drive to the Sea Life Center to explore stingrays, penguins and ocean life and to watch the dolphin shows!  It was simply INCREDIBLE!

After our day at the Sea Life park, it became apparent that our kids were plum worn out! Mommy and daddy are go-ers…meaning we don’t like to sit still! Our perfect angels were turning into cranky-pants, so after six days of swimming, staying up late and exploring, we were ready to head home.

This trip was a week of many ‘firsts’ for us! To name a few:

Hawaii final day

Jame’s first time snorkeling, the twins first Hawaiin luau, our first breakfast with the Disney characters, our first Mickey Mouse shaped waffles, James and my first time paddleboarding (together on the same board I might add!),  the twins’ first time down a waterslide, and our first family float on a lazy river.  From those memories alone, I don’t think I could have imagined a better vacation. Sometimes I wish we could spend our entire life on vacation…I’m allowed to dream…

2 thoughts on “February 26, 2013 OFF TO HAWAII!!

  1. Sarah K

    Alexis, that sounds like a dream come true!
    I’m happy for you!
    I love Hawaii and often dream about going back. I didn’t realize there was a Disney resort there! I’m going to have to look into that! I have three kids and I think it may be a good choice for a vacation.
    I praise God he gave you those opportunities and pray you will continually see His goodness!

  2. Lori

    Alexis, I believe you are the only “real” lady left on the RHOC! These mean girls take everything you say out of context and are extremely jealous of you!! You are absolutely beautiful and my heart was breaking for you watching how cruel you were treated at Tamara’s dinner last night! She is a classless, manipulative, self centered devil!! You are an amazing mommy & I wish you nothing but love, happiness & success!! These ladies just want to try to push you off the show because as long as you are there…..You are by far, the fairest of them all!!!!


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