NYC February 2012!

NYC has to be one of my FAVORITE places to travel here in the US! I just love the hustle and bustle, the shopping, the way people dress, the people and… the food! I swear I think I gain 5 pounds every time I go there! My trip to NYC in early February was unbelievable! It was short, but so jam-packed that I barely took potty breaks, but it was totally worth it and SO memorable! I got to spend some time with my cousin, who lives there, which was the highlight of the trip! We’ve been best friends since birth, and when she moved to NYC, the furthest possible place from me, it broke my heart!

Leaving my kiddos is always tough. Even for a three-day trip. It takes me a day to prepare notes for leaving them. You should see all the notes and post-its I leave~ I seem to have a control problem when it comes to those little guys!

On Wednesday, I arrived in NYC at 5 am, dropped luggage at hotel, put on my Uggs and headed off to hair and makeup! I had to stop for a piece of Joe’s pizza, OF COURSE! THE best pizza in the world! I kept wanting to stop eating because my tummy was full but I couldn’t stop!! I got to sneak in about an hour of shopping after Joe’s pizza.

Alexis Bellino in New York

2 thoughts on “NYC February 2012!

  1. jenni

    Me and the hubby was in NYC in February celebrating his 40th Birthday, know what its like leaving the kids behind, our instruction list was about 5 pages long we were only away for 4 days!!


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